by Brian Beeler

10TB Fusion-io ioDrive Octal Announced [Supercomputing 2011]

Fusion-io has announced the 10TB ioDrive Octal which means even certain 1U servers can accomodate up to 20TB of flash storage. The ioDrive Octal features eight 1.28TB MLC memory modules into a double-wide full-length PCIe card and delivers more than 1.3 million IOPS (512 B) with 6.7 GB/s bandwidth. 

The Octal is powered by Fusion's VSL software platform to deliver large data sets with low latency performance. Fusion-io sees the ioDrive Octal impacting data warehousing, scale-out architectures, research and supercomputing. 

We had an opportunity to spend a little hands on time with the unit today at SC11. While not the final build, the overall design of the Octal is impressive, considering the sheer amount of NAND squeezed into such a small body.

Open end of the Octal, allowing the forced flow of air to move across the NAND and out of the server in a standard working environment.

Octal PCIe x16 interface and two-slot design. 

Octal passive cooling vents on the exterior of the drive. 

Fusion-io ioDrive Octal Specs

  • More than 1.3 million IOPS
  • 6.7 GB/s bandwidth
  • 10TB capacity on single double-wide PCIe card
  • Optimized performance for read-heavy environments
  • Cut-through architecture, which delivering more performance as CPUs become more powerful
  • Max power consumption 150W
  • PCIe x16 Double-wide


The 10TB and 5.12TB ioDrive Octal will be available in Q1 2012, pricing has not been announced. 

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