by Mark Kidd

A3CUBE Announces RONNIEE Express Storage Interconnect Architecture and Solutions

A3CUBE has announced the first three products for use with its RONNIEE Express interconnect fabric, which the company is positioning as a successor to incumbent Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and InfiniBand options for high performance enviroments. RONNIEE Express is the foundation of A3CUBE’s In-Memory Network technology, which allows direct shared global memory throughout the fabric for lower latency, simplified scaling to exascale environments, and other performance advantages.

RONNIEE Express uses PCIe memory access as the communication paradigm for its network protocol, providing direct access to local and remote storage using “memory windows” with a 64-bit global address space. RONNIEE Express I/O interface eliminates requirements for central switching and discards network stacks in favor of memory-to-memory mapped sockets. A3CUBE argues that the next generation of storage interconnect technology will not be an incremental improvement on established fabric options, but instead a new approach that avoids the bottlenecks inherent to other network technologies.

RONNIEE Express adapts massively parallel design principles from supercomputing to provide a RAID-less, a globally shared memory container that makes clusters, expansion boxes, and shared-I/O applications simpler to develop and deploy in conjunction with the company’s ByOS parallel storage operating system. The first three products in the family will be the RONNIEE 2S, RONNIEE RIO, and RONNIEE 3. RONNIEE 2S is a compact PCIe NIC with multiple channels specificed at less than 1µ, along with remote I/O connections at nanosecond latencies. RONNIEE RIO is a general-purpose NIC which supports both Ethernet and memory-to-memory transactions. RONNIEE 3 extends the scalability of RONNIEE 2S for applications that require high performance memory-to-memory transactions.

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