by Mark Kidd

Adaptec Series 7 PCIe 3 RAID Adapters Reach 450,000 IOPS and 6.6 GB/s Throughput

PMC today announced upcoming availability of its new Adaptec Series 7, a family of SAS and SATA RAID adapters which includes the market’s first 16- and 24-port PCIe 3.0 adapters. The Adaptec Series 7 offers up to 16-ports in a low-profile MD2 form factor and up to 24-ports in a full-height half-length form factor, both powered by PMC’s PM8015 PCI 3.0 8x RAID on Chip (RoC) with High Density (HD) Mini-SAS connectors.

The Series 7 operates at x8 PCIe 3.0 and supports SAS and SATA at 6Gb/s. The Adaptec Series 7 ships with 1024MB DDR3-1333 DRAM, except for the 71605E which is offered with 256MB. Adaptec’s maxCache 3.0 technology for the 7805Q and 71605Q models utilizes SSDs to improve IOPs in write-intensive applications and reduce latency in read-intensive applications, reaching up to 450,000 IOPS according to PMC.

Third-generation PMC Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection (ZMCP) technology uses flash to protect cached data for Series 7 RAID adapters. Levering flash storage for cache protection eliminates installation, monitoring, maintenance, replacement costs associated with lithium-ion battery backup units. The Series 7 includes the Adaptec maxView web interface for monitoring and configuration, which is SNIA SMI-S certified (CTP) and VMware CIMpat compatible for integration with other management platforms.

Adaptec Series 7 SAS/SATA RAID Adapters
ASR-71605Q Single 16 Int. HD mini-SAS (maxCache 3.0+AFM-700) 2274600-R
ASR-7805Q Single 8 Int. HD mini-SAS (maxCache 3.0+AFM-700) 2274300-R
ASR-72405 Single 24 Int. HD mini-SAS 2274900-R
ASR-71685 Single 16 Int. 8 Ext HD mini-SAS 2274700-R
ASR-71605 Single 16 Int. HD mini-SAS 2274400-R
ASR-7805 Single 8 Int. HD mini-SAS 2274100-R
ASR-7805 Kit 8 Int. HD mini-SAS (with cables) 2274200-R
ASR-71605E Single 16 Int. HD mini-SAS (Entry level RAID solution) 2274500-R
AFM-700 Kit SuperCap Flash Back-up Module 2275400-R

The complete family of Adaptec Series 7 RAID adapters will be available in October 2012. Adaptec also offers a portfolio of qualified High Density (HD) mini-SAS cables for connecting existing storage topographies to Series 7 adapters.

Series 7 Product Page

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