by Lyle Smith

Asustor Data Master (ADM) 2.2 Beta Version Now Available

Asustor has announced the release of the Asustor Data Master (ADM) 2.2 beta version for all of its NAS devices (i.e. 2, 3, and 6 series). All Asustor NAS users can download the beta firmware from the official ASUSTOR website, which have a host of new features and functions.

Asustor Data Master is an operating system that comes pre-installed with all ASUSTOR NAS devices. ADM was designed around the use of applications and its original web-based graphical user interface, which allows users organize applications by page. ADM supports multi-tasking and is pre-installed with a rich assortment of applications. Additionally, users can use App Central to install any additional apps they require, creating a personalized and multi-featured NAS device.

The ADM 2.2 beta version improves and enhances the ADM 2.1 user experience by expanding language support to Turkish, Spanish, and Portuguese as well as adding new core features and Apps.

New additions to ADM 2.2 include:

New Core Features

  • Night mode scheduling: With night mode scheduling, users no longer have to log in to the ADM interface to turn on or turn off night mode. They need only complete scheduling configurations, before enabling night mode at a regularly scheduled time.
  • Hard disk hibernation indicators: Newly added hard disk hibernation indicators will allow users to simply look at the hard disk LED indicators to see if their hard disks are in hibernation.
  • More comprehensive UPS functionality: When the UPS detects a power outage the NAS can now either go into shut down or safe mode in order to protect the system. Under safe mode, the system will stop all services in accordance with normal procedures and unmount all storage volumes in order to prevent data loss and damage. This function is only available for use with AS-6/7 series devices.
  • Multilingual usernames: Usernames now support multibyte character sets such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Cyrillic.

New Apps from App Central

  • MiniDLNA: A nimble multimedia server App that supports protocols such as DLNA and UPnP-AV. As long as users’ UPnP client (Sony BRAVIA TV, PlayStation 3, etc.) supports multimedia formats such as video, audio and images, they will be able to play them directly without any transcoding from the NAS. MiniDLNA is highly compatible with a wide range of file types and features very low CPU usage. Small in size and easy to install, MiniDLNA features powerful functionality including complete pause, stop, play, rewind, fast-forward functions and support for *.srt,*.smi subtitle files.
  • Photo Gallery: Photo Gallery is a web photo album developed by ASUSTOR with features such as integrated social media sharing, customizable album covers, photo descriptions, viewable EXIF information, photo rotation and slideshow playback. Tags for both albums and photos gives you greater flexibility for sorting and managing photos while layered permissions allow you to open up albums to friend and family for collaborative management.
  • Google Drive: ADM now supports the Google Drive cloud storage service allowing you to seamlessly integrate the data on your NAS with Google Drive.

New Chrome/FireFox Add-on

  • Download Helper: Download Helper is an add-on for Google Chrome and FireFox that integrates the Download Center and Takeasy Apps, allowing users to instruct the NAS to download files and streaming videos while they are browsing the web. Download helper features a simplified download task monitor that also allows for the management of basic download tasks.

For more information about the ADM 2.2 Beta Program, visit the company website.

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