by Adam Armstrong

Atlantis Announces ILIO for virtual SAN

Atlantis Computing announced today their new software, Atlantis ILIO for Virtual SAN. ILIO for Virtual SAN software delivers enterprise-class data services to VMware Virtual SAN, increasing the performance of VMs, and allows existing storage to support 10 times more desktops. The software will increase deployment flexibility with off-the-shelf servers, local storage components, and networks all while lowering the cost per desktop for VSAN capacity.

Using its In-Memory Storage technology, ILIO for Virtual SAN runs VMs in server memory increasing performance, while storage traffic is using Atlantis' IO processing technology. De-duplication, compression, and coalescing optimization services are used to reduce the amount of underlying storage required to support the VMs while increasing performance up to five times and reducing capacity by 90%.

Core benefits include:

  • A better-than-PC user experience
  • A low infrastructure cost
  • The ability to use blade servers with VMware Virtual SAN

Availability and Pricing

Atlantis ILIO for Virtual SAN will be bundled with VMware Horizon and Virtual SAN in the channel with a suggested price of $50 per desktop. 

Atlantis Computing Products page

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