by Mark Kidd

Atlantis Computing Releases ILIO Unified Software-Defined Storage Solution

Atlantis Computing today announced its new Atlantis ILIO USX (Unified Software-defined Storage) platform for virtualized environments. ILIO USX software can pool and tier combinations of inactive storage throughout the datacenter including from SAN, NAS, RAM, and DAS.  Atlantis ILIO USX is deployed via virtual machines that integrate with the hypervisor as an NFS or iSCSI datastore to present file and block based storage to applications.

Automated, policy-based controls govern real-time storage and performance allocations on a per-VM basis. Because pooled storage is presented to application as standard block or file storage, ILIO USX can move server storage workloads completely to RAM with no reconfiguration to the existing server architecture. Volatile RAM is replicated to slower persistent storage in order to benefit from its performance while maintaining high availability.

Atantis ILIO USX incorporates a suite of in-memory storage optimization services at the compute layer including inline deduplication, compression, thin provisioning, and high availability. The software also coalesces small blocks generated by the hypervisor into larger sequential blocks in order to streamline I/O operations.


Atlantis ILIO USX is available now.

Atlantis ILIO Product Page

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