by Lyle Smith

ATTO Celerity, FibreConnect, and FastStream Family of 16Gb Fibre Channel Solutions Announced

ATTO Technology has announced the release of their new 16GB/s Celerity Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), FibreConnect switches, and FastStream RAID storage controllers, the latest additions to their portfolio of Fibre Channel solutions.

Storage professionals are constantly under pressure to lower costs and improve efficiency as well as the need for higher bandwidth and faster access to Fibre Channel storage. ATTO enables organizations to connect to the SAN or Fibre Channel devices at the highest speeds possible from virtually any platform.
The Celerity 16GB single and dual HBAs boast the highest bandwidth with the lowest latency. This leverages two next-generation storage technologies (PCIe 3.0 interconnect and 16-Gigabit Fibre Channel), while maintaining backwards compatibility with existing Fibre Channel investment.

Additionally, combining ATTO's Celerity 16GB HBA with an ATTO FibreConnect 1600 series switch will improve your overall SAN connectivity performance. The FibreConnect 1600 series is simple to install, has flexible growth options, and is a comprehensive diagnostic/management tool.

When integrated with standard SAS/SATA JBODs, ATTO's FastStream 16GB RAID Storage Controllers enable high performance, low latency, shared, parity-protected storage. With the combination of DriveAsssure drive management technology and an easy-to-use interface, FastStream, Celerity, and FibreConnect allow customers to take advantage of a 16GB end-to-end storage solution for collaborative workflows and nearline storage.

ATTO 16Gb/s Fibre Channel Line

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