by Josh Shaman

Avaya Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) Framework Announced

Avaya is announcing its Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) framework, which is based on Fabric Connect, an OpenStack Horizon-based Management Platform and Open APIs into the Avaya Fabric Connect. With this implementation, the SDDC framework can deliver productivity and time-to-service improvements to enterprises with highly virtualized data centers. In operation, the Avaya SDDC framework fuses and customizes compute, storage and network components. VMs, storage and network configuration are all managed through a single user interface. Avaya's solution here provides a much more time-efficient means of provisioning within the IT environment.

Avaya's SDDC framework is made up of three main components. Avaya Fabric Connect serves to interconnect resource pools across and within data centers. Avaya also implements an OpenStack Horizon-based Management Platform and Open APIs. The Open APIs provide deeper interoperability with other software-defined networking architectures.

The Avaya SDDC framework has a load of enhancements for enterprises. By providing a five-step process, the SDDC framework can drastically speed up time-to-service for cloud services. It also provides end-point provisioning so that VM mobility exists within and between data centers, no matter where they are. Additionally, while traditional Ethernet network are limited to 4,000 unique services, with Avaya SDDC, administrators can scale more than 16 million unique services. Rounding out some of the included features, Avaya SDDC provides secure multi-tenancy by leveraging network, compute and storage layer abstraction and isolation.


Avaya Fabric Connect is available today on a range of networking platforms including Virtual Service Platform 9000, Ethernet Routing Switch 8800, Virtual Services Platform 7000 and Virtual Services Platform 4000. The Avaya Horizon-based Management Platform and open APIs will be generally available next year.

Avaya Fabric Connect

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