by Josh Shaman

Barracuda Copy for Companies Enhanced

Barracuda is announcing enhancements to its Copy for Companies file sync and share service which include expanded security capabilities, company visibility into employee accounts, and better control over incoming shared data. Having been originally released in February, Copy has also tweaked the GUI, admin page and folder management to improve the overall usability. Copy is engineered for both the needs of individuals and companies (pricing for companies below) and enables users to import and upload documents, images, videos, and other files to access from a different location or device or to share them with other users.

Copy for Companies goes beyond the consumer offering by integrating enterprise features such as user and group management and controls for proprietary company data. Organizations can also set policy-based control for admins so they can adjust individual user access. Copy for Companies also includes the capability for users to access their personal and company data from a single account, and for company accounts, there is a simple setup wizard that helps admins to create the initial file structure and groups for permissions. Rounding out some of the features is Copy and SignNow iOS integration which includes eSignature integration.

Barracuda prioritizes security and privacy for all Copy users. As such, all files and folders stored in the Copy cloud are encrypted with server-side AES-256-SHA to protect data. Copy apps also use HTTPS security protocols to communicate with Copy. Users can access content from mobile device apps in which they can select files, groups of files, and folders to share privately or publically, just like users can do in the web GUI. That data can be shared with read-only or read-write permissions.

Pricing and Availability

Copy for Companies is priced on a per-user-account basis and is available free of charge for up to five full-featured user accounts upon signup. For plans with no per-user fee that still include all the company features, 100GB pricing is $399, 250GB is $699 and 500GB is $999.

Copy Pricing Plans 

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