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BiTMICRO MAXio E-Series PCIe SSDs Now Available

BiTMICRO Networks has announced the MAXio E-Series PCIe SSDs, which are powered by BiTMICRO’s patented Talino ASIC Architecture. The new MAXio E-Series SSDs are designed deliver the capacity, performance, and reliability companies require in order to support high volume application workloads. The MAXio E-Series SSD is an ideal solution for enterprise applications with heavy load demands including video-on-demand, video streaming, online transaction processing, non-linear editing, gaming, file servers, web applications and cloud services.

Key features of BiTMICRO MAXio E-Series PCIe SSDs include:

  • High Capacity: MAXio E-Series SSDs incorporate a Split-ASIC architecture utilizing BiTMICRO designed Talino ASIC and BiTMICRO FBX flash expansion ASIC. MAXio E-Series SSD capacities are from 1.5TB to 6TB.
  • MAXio E-Series SSD Capacity and Performance balance: The MAXio E-Series PCIe SSD is designed for ideal performance in read-intensive applications. MAXio SSD’s flash controller optimizes flash, performance and scalability.
  • Dynamic Wear Leveling: The usable life of MAXio SSDs, with dynamic wear leveling managing the usability of the drive’s flash chips is up to 5 years.
  • Easy-to-use SSD Management Tool: DriveLight Management Software allows users to easily change drive settings for optimal use.

Previously, BiTMICRO’s SSD technology has been used in high-demand military and industrial computing environments including air and space, military systems and mobile industrial solutions. The new MAXio E-Series brings BiTMICRO’s experience to enterprise and mid-market customers.

Expansion of Partner Program

BiTMICRO Networks has also announced the global expansion of its BiTChannel Partner Program, a comprehensive program that is designed to fuel new revenue opportunities for partners looking for innovative SSD solutions to meet growing customer demand for storage reliability and performance. The BiTChannel Partner Program provides a variety of resources and programs designed to enable participating channel partners to quickly capitalize on the growing SSD market, with new features including deal registration, marketing coop funds, lead generation support, product training, BiTMICRO-supported demonstrations and evaluation units, and frontline technical support.

Pricing and availability

BiTMICRO MAXio E-Series SSDs are now available with pricing starting at $3.99 per GB.

MAXio Product Page

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