by Josh Shaman

Bocada Announces Prism 8.0

Bocada is announcing updates to their Prism software which enables users to utilize a single console to comprehensively obtain reports and analysis on backup, replication and snapshot functions. Bocada Prism 8.0 features significant enhancements and added support compared to previous versions of the software. Prism 8.0 has new and enhanced reports, architectural updates, and support for Commvault Simpana 9, IBM TSM 6.3 and 6.4, and EMC Networker 8.0. Prism 8.0 also adds support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 10. Bocada has also reworked and improved plug-ins that cooperate with virtual environments.

Prism 8.0 Updates

  • Updated user interface for more effective navigation and filtering
  • New and enhanced reports including improved media and capacity reports and new volume finder capability
  • New and enhanced support for backup, replication and snapshot applications
  • New additions: Commvault 9, TSM 6.3 & 6.4, vCenter 5.1, Veeam 6.5, NetWorker 8.0
  • Improved: NetBackup 7.x support now includes parent-child job reporting
  • Improved: TSM support for SQL, Exchange, SAP and vCenter TDPs
  • Enhanced virtual support (correlate activity with vCenter data): Commvault 9, HP DataProtector, TSM 6.3 & 6.4, NetBackup 7.x and Backup Exec 2012, Dell/Quest NetVault & vRanger, Veeam 6.x

As part of the Prism updates, Bocada also enhanced its plug-ins to improve reporting in virtual environments by coordinating vCenter data with VM backup activity. Plug-ins that were updated include: Commvault, IBM TSM and VMware vCenter 5.1.

The Prism product family includes Bocada Vision, Prism, and vpConnect. All of the software checks the health of devices and provides management for SLA, Policy, and Problem. Additionally, the software analyzes Datastore and Media Capacity and Chargeback and Audit reports. The programs use the same code base, so users can obtain a license key to obtain the features of a given Prism family product. Bocada's market for the software family is customers not currently using the VM API specific functionality in their backup application. Bocada's Vision and vpConnect leverage VM API integration and utilize backup and snapshot activity with VMware vCenter data to ensure VMs are protected and recoverable. The software also makes sure capacity is used effectively.

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