by Lyle Smith

Caringo CloudScaler Gets a Major Upgrade

Caringo has announced a major upgrade to CloudScaler (now CloudScaler3), featuring new software that extends Caringo’s object storage with authentication, authorization, metering, and S3 API support.  CloudScaler, in conjunction with CAStor, allows enterprises and service providers to deliver a rapidly scalable private or public cloud storage service that meets any storage SLA, supports the S3 API, and is easy to manage and expand. 

CAStor is a high-performance object storage software that combines intelligent automation and Elastic Content Protection, allowing commodity servers to transform into easily scalable, fault tolerant storage, which can then be used to store large amounts of data for any allotted amount of time.

CloudScaler 3 upgrades include:

  • Plug into any management, billing or cloud orchestration solution via an open management RESTful API. 
  • Flexible identity management system support at the tenant and domain level designed for multi-tenant, single-site, MSP and reseller methods of service deployment.
  • Enhanced ease of administration and reduced deployment footprint by supporting Caringo’s native HTTP API and the S3 API simultaneously.
  • Streamlined deployment by enhancing the automated pre-flight checking of operating system setup, gateway configuration and object storage system.

Caringo S3 Application Verification Program

Caringo is the first of its kind to introduce the ability for anyone in the cloud community to verify interoperability with CloudScaler for applications that support the S3 API. As a result, organizations can now run any S3 application with Caringo object storage behind their firewall, where they have the peace of mind of control, guaranteed security, and manage performance.


The Caringo S3 Application Verification Program is open all users looking to verify interoperability between their S3 applications and Caringo object storage. Validators will also be given free access to a testing account with all necessary credentials as well as a quick verification guide. Once users are verified and approved, the application--in addition to attribution to the validator--will be listed on Caringo’s website.

For more information, visit the Caringo product website.

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