by Josh Shaman

CommVault Virtual Machine Archiving in Simpana 10 Announced

CommVault is announcing a new automated virtual machine (VM) archiving capability for its Simpana 10 software which enables enterprises and service providers to eliminate unnecessary VMs and take greater control of virtual infrastructure resources. Citing a recent study showing that up to 30-40% of VMs wind up not out of use, CommVault has designed the archiving capability to save organizations money by enabling them to better utilize system resources. Further, current Simpana 10 customers receive the VM Archiving functionality for free as it is included as part of the software platform that provides users single management console control over deploying, protecting and archiving virtual and physical servers.

VM Archiving blends traditional backup and VM archiving into a single operation for VMware vSphere environments. CommVault's Simpana 10 platform delivers scalable and resilient data protection in both physical and virtual environments from on-premise data centers to the cloud for enterprises and service providers. Administrators can define policies according to their organization's needs, and the VM Archiving functionality can automatically identify, power down, relocate, archive and recover inactive VMs in VMware vSphere environments.

Specific functionality enables a whole host of features. Namely, the VM Archiving has the capability to find, relocate and retire VMs that aren't active, with administrators possessing the control over setting parameters for the software to determine which VMs are no long active. The software can also migrate powered-off VMs from Tier 1 storage to more cost-efficient storage, either on disk or in the cloud. Additionally, it can recover archived VMs using a stub (marker) in VMware vCenter. On top of all of this, other functionality includes:

  • Streamlines testing and development operations by continually recycling compute, memory and shared storage resources in virtual hosts.
  • Integrates with Simpana software’s Virtual Server Agent (VSA) for backup and recovery of VMs. Simpana VSA automatically manages hardware storage array snapshots for instant protection and recovery of virtualized applications, with built-in support for all the major storage arrays.
  • Incorporates with Simpana 10 workflows to automate more complex, repetitive administrative tasks with drag-and-drop simplicity.

CommVault Simpana

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