by Josh Shaman

Coraid EtherCloud Insight Announced

Coraid is announcing EtherCloud Insight, the company's new platform for storage performance analytics that provides visibility across the entire data path from the server, through multiple network paths, and into the distributed storage infrastructure. With the capability to measure end-to-end performance, IT administrators are able to gauge and diagnose performance issues. This functionality can be accessed both graphically and programmatically in EtherCloud Insight, providing more flexibility and enabling IT admins to reduce unnecessary storage over-provisioning and increase application uptime.

The issues Coraid EtherCloud Insight looks to address revolve around data center complexity. At macro levels, it can be difficult for IT administrators to determine performance analytics which often requires a more granular view, especially in data centers with a diversity of workloads. That can lead to too much over-provisioning in the data center, implementing different analysis tools across each layer of the IT infrastructure, etc. EtherCloud Insight aims to enhance this process greatly. It utilizes software sensors located in endpoints of the storage network, including Linux, VMware, Solaris, and Windows servers and Coraid’s storage appliances. These sensors gather more granular data on I/O, latency, throughput, etc.

EtherCloud Insight's performance analysis operates without delivering a negative performance impact or hitting reliability for both storage and network devices. Of course, upon completion of the analytics process, IT admins can analyze the data and troubleshoot issues before they create downtime or otherwise negatively affect the IT infrastructure.


Part of the Coraid EtherCloud family of products, EtherCloud Insight will be generally available Q4 2013.

Coraid EtherCloud Insight 

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