by Mark Kidd

Coraid ZX4000 Multi-Petabyte File Storage Appliance Now Available

Coraid has announced general availability of the ZX4000, latest in its ZX line of file storage appliances that leverage hybrid flash storage pools and a modular architecture in order to handle mixed workloads for enterprise and cloud applications. Used in tandem with Coraid’s EtherDrive block storage technology, the ZX4000 can help support shared, multitenant file and block storage pools at the multi-petabyte scale by adding additional SRX and ZX appliances.

Coraid’s ZX appliances leverage the Zettabyte File System (ZFS) and as well as RAIN and RAIDZ-3 options to protect against the failure of up to three shelves or drives with storage efficiency of approximately 80 percent. The ZX4000 is capable of simultaneously serving NFS and CIFS over multiple 1 GbE and 10 GbE links, with a Coraid Ethernet backbone that supports deploying new capacity anywhere on the network.

Coraid ZX Platform Overview

  • File System: Oracle Solaris ZFS with 128-bit addressability
  • File-level Protocol: NFS v3 and v4; CIFS SMB v2
  • Storage Efficiency: Storage efficiency features include flexible provisioning with space guarantees, thin provisioning, user, group and filesystem quotas, and more
  • Hybrid Storage Pools: Optimized storage hierarchy with pools of storage containing DRAM, flash cache, and disk drives
  • Data Compression: 4 compression algorithms for tuning application and storage performance
  • RAID: Striping, mirroring, triple-mirroring, single-parity RAID-Z1, double-parity RAID-Z2, triple-parity RAID-Z3, wide stripes
  • Remote Management: HTTPS / SSH / SNMP v1 and v2c with downloadable MIB, read-only / IPMI
  • Snapshots: Administrator and End-user accessible and manageable (security via RBAC), read-only mode
  • Clones: Writable snapshots created instantly via pointers without space or performance impact
  • Data Integrity: Protects against both ‘silent data corruption’ during disk storage, mis-copies, and mis-transmissions via checksums and other protections. Self-healing capabilities for RAID configurations.
  • Directory Services: NIS, AD, LDAP
  • Network Services: NTP, DNS, DHCP, SMTP, and Kerberos
  • Local Replication: Replication within same ZX Storage Appliance configuration
  • Remote Replication: Replication from one EtherDrive ZX Storage Appliance product to another
  • High Availability: Integrated High Availability Active / Active with automatic failover and Active / Passive configurations


The ZX4000 is now available from Coraid and its resellers.

Coraid ZX File Storage Products

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