by Mark Kidd

Cray Announces Tiered Adaptive Storage (TAS) Data Management Solution

Cray today introduced Tiered Adaptive Storage, an open Hierarchical Storage Management solution for Big Data and supercomputing that has been developed in partnership with Versity Software. TAS is a complete software and hardware stack for large-scale tiered storage archives that leverages the Lustre file system and ensures data protection and accessibility at scale and during upgrades. Cray TAS provides transparent data migration across storage tiers from scratch to primary and archive storage, with up to four flexible storage tiers that can mix SSD, HDD, and tape.

Cray TAS can be provisioned as a tiered primary file storage system, as well as a persistent storage archive with functionality to protect data across generational upgrades for archives with lifespans that exceed the useful life of storage infrastructure. Cray’s TAS announcement follows the company’s recent investment in Versity Software. TAS leverages Versity’s open virtualization technologies to manage and optimize customer data across storage tiers and utilizes the Versity Storage Manager, which offers a standards-based architecture to support massive storage archives.

The Cray Tiered Adaptive Storage solution will offer integration with Hierarchical Storage Management features in future versions of the Lustre parallel distributed file system. Cray also recently introduced Cray Cluster Connect, a compute-agnostic Lustre storage and data management solution for x86 Linux clusters that can integrate a variety of Linux compute environments as part of an overall Lustre solution that unifies hardware, networking, software, architecture, and support.

Cray Tiered Adaptive Storage Platform

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