by Mark Kidd

DDN Announces Availability of WOS 360 Object Storage Platform and WOS Scale-Out Archive Nodes

DataDirect Networks (DDN) has released its new WOS 360 scale-out object storage solution, named in reference to full lifecycle support for unstructured data storage. In conjuction with the WOS 360 release, DDN has announced new Archive Nodes to scale active archives in conjunction WOS’s new Global ObjectAssure technology. A new WOS Connect partner development program will also increase opportunities and support for third party WOS 360 integrations.

The WOS Archive Node offers scale-out capacity for active archives via Global ObjectAssure, a new distributed erasure coding across both local and multi-site deployments. Global ObjectAssure is designed for low network overhead and high data durability in order to provide local, replicated and globally distributed erasure coding which is policy-based and provides per-object granularity.

WOS 360 uses a NoFS (No File System) architecture that omits even an underlying POSIX file system layer on the disk level. WOS technology uses a flat, single layer address structure with objects stored in contiguous blocks to minimize disk operations, improve performance, and fully utilize storage capacity. WOS 360 also incorporates Local Copy ObjectAssure which can be used as an alternative for RAID with frequently accessed and modified data.


WOS 360 is available now in limited quantities and will be fully available before April 2014.

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