by Mark Kidd

DDN Announces WOS 3.0 Software and WOS7000 Object Storage Appliance for Webscale and Big Data

DataDirect Networks’ latest object storage solution is built on a software and hardware stack that has been tuned for on-premise cloud storage, self-service data access, and reduced time to insight. According to DDN, the new solution can cut storage expenses by up to half compared to public cloud services such as Amazon S3 when dealing with data volumes at scale. DDN Web Object Scaler (WOS) storage can now federate a group of WOS clusters to achieve management of up to 983 petabytes and 32 trillion unique objects.

The result of five years of development, Web Object Scaler 3.0 supports parallel search of metadata across a distributed cloud of as many as 8,000 WOS cluster nodes. According to DDN, federated WOS technology can reach more than 200 times the peak performance of the major public cloud storage services; object retrieval performance can reach 256 million objects per second, with more than 10 terabytes per second of throughput and object retrieval latency of less than 50 milliseconds.

WOS is allows customers to implement its object storage driver in order to eliminate the need for local file systems and write native objects directly and contiguously to disk. This approach can eliminate fragmentation, and in manufacturer benchmarks WOS bested the performance of an OpenStack Swift Linux-based solution by up to ten times. The WOS7000 appliance can consolidate over 2.5PB in a single rack that is preassembled and preconfigured for rapid deployment, simplifying configuration and scaling of WOS storage while providing improved thermal and power performance.

Web Object Scaler also now integrates with DDN’s GRIDScaler parallel file storage system and its Storage Fusion Architecture (SFA) storage arrays to tier data from file-based workflows into a WOS archive. The result is an integrated, scale-out object and file storage platform that can protect data with erasure coding, synchronous/asynchronous replication, or a combination of both approaches.


Web Object Scaler 3.0 and the WOS7000 appliance will be available by the end of September.

Web Object Scaler (WOS) 3.0

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