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Dell EqualLogic Storage Blade Arrays Now Available

Dell has announced it has begun shipping its first EqualLogic PS-M4110 storage blade arrays, a single PowerEdge M1000e chassis solution that consolidates the blade arrays with 11th or 12th generation PowerEdge blade servers and Dell Force10 and PowerConnect network switches in one device. EqualLogic solutions are designed for applications like turnkey remote office deployments which benefit from a streamlined deployment process but may need to scale extensively in the future.

The EqualLogic storage blade arrays leverage Dell’s Fluid Data architecture and peer-scaling to support scalability of performance and capacity within and outside the blade chassis for non-disruptive growth. The arrays can scale outside the blade chassis to more than two petabytes of storage in a group. The EqualLogic PS-M4110 can be combined with one other EqualLogic PS Series array in a SAN group, with up to four blade arrays per blade chassis. The PS-M4110 can scale outside the blade chassis to traditional EqualLogic arrays for up to sixteen in a SAN group.

EqualLogic Software
According to Dell, EqualLogic’s configuration process can be completed in less than 20 minutes. The EqualLogic Blade Arrays include Dell’s EqualLogic software to integrate SANs with hosts and applications. EqualLogic software is offered through an all-inclusive licensing model that does not require additional fees to enable functionality.

EqualLogic software provides centralized monitoring and reporting on performance, capacity, and alerts across multiple groups of arrays. It powers data protection, including snapshots, clones, and replicas, as well as integration with Microsoft, VMware and Linux platforms. As requirements grow, EqualLogic solutions will support multigenerational SANs, allowing existing arrays to continue to receive upgrades and capabilities in the future.

According to Dell’s benchmarks of a comparable HP Blade solution, EqualLogic customers could support up to 48 percent more Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint users and up to 42 more users per watt of power. Dell highlights its finding that EqualLogic storage configuration required 55% fewer steps than the HP solution.

Usability is Key
Dell has also announced the results of its new survey of 839 IT leaders and storage administrators in the U.S. and Europe, indicating:

  • 74 percent of IT leaders and 66 percent of storage administrators believe that storing and managing data is too complex.
  • 85 percent of IT leaders and 87 percent of storage administrators believe their storage environment could benefit from easier to use technology and enhanced automation.
  • 94 percent of IT leaders would like to see easier to use and highly automated storage features in their next storage solution purchase; 40 percent state it would make a “huge difference” and would be a priority for their next storage purchase.
  • 87 percent of storage administrators say their job is rewarding and satisfying; however, the majority (57 percent) spend between 26 percent and 75 percent of their day on tasks they feel are focused more on maintaining daily operations than on strategic value add.
  • Half (48 percent) of storage administrators expect they would work on higher level IT or business strategy if their firm adopted storage technology that was easier to manage and freed up some of their time.

Available Configurations

  • PS-M4110E - Up to 14x 2.5”, 7,200 rpm NL SAS HDDs
    • 500GB or 1TB per drive
    • Up to 14TB per array, up to 28TB per group inside the blade chassis
    • Single- or dual-controller options
  • PS-M4110X - Up to 14x 2.5”, 10,000 rpm SAS HDDs
    • 600GB or 900GB per drive
    • Up to 12.6TB per array, up to 25.5TB per group inside the blade chassis
    • Single- or dual-controller options
  • PS-M4110XV - Up to 14x 2.5”, 15,000 rpm SAS HDDs
    • 146GB or 300GB per drive
    • Up to 4.2TB per array, up to 8.4TB per group inside the blade chassis
    • Single- or dual-controller options
  • PS-M4110XS1 - Hybrid configuration, Up to 9x 2.5”, 10,000 rpm SAS HDDs and 5x 2.5” SSDs
    • 900GB HDD and 400GB SSD
    • Up to 7.4TB per array, up to 14.8TB per group inside the blade chassis
    • Dual-controller option only

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