by Brian Beeler

Dell Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance 2000 Doubles Up on Capacity

Dell has announced an update to their Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance line - the QSDW2000 supports up to 12TB, doubling the prior QSDF1000 offering that was announced earlier this year in July. The appliance is a converged offering that's based around Dell's 12th generation PowerEdge servers, coupled with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Data Warehouse Appliance Edition, Dell Boomi software and Dell services. The combination allows for integration of data from multiple sources, including those in the cloud to give businesses the ability to attain more visibility into their data for better decision-making.

The QSDW2000 is aimed at the mid-market, with a price point and integration services that make data analyzing a reality for businesses that often get left behind by pricing or complexity of larger enterprise solutions. To help ensure a successful deployment, Dell includes services for start-up and training with the appliance and provides a year of quarterly health checks to make sure the data warehouse is operating properly.


The Dell QSDW2000 is shipping now.

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