by Charles Jefferies

Diskeeper 2011 Now Available, Includes SSD Optimizer

Diskeeper Corporation has just introduced its 2011 product. New features include an Instant Defrag technology that eliminates small fragments on the fly and HyperFast, a solid state disk (SSD) optimizer.
Diskeeper says its IntelliWrite technology can prevent up to 85% of fragmentation before it happens; Instant Defrag takes care of what's left behind. A full list of features is as follows:

  • Exclusive IntelliWrite technology. The O/S activity of writing files in pieces to the disk (fragmentation) can be prevented before it happens – up to 85% and more. 
  • New Instant Defrag. Instant Defrag, new in Diskeeper 2011, works in conjunction with IntelliWrite to quickly eliminate any fragments not prevented during the initial write. For those fragments, IntelliWrite passes along information in real-time to the Instant Defrag engines for immediate handling.
  • New Efficient Mode. Efficient Mode, also new in Diskeeper 2011, uses the minimum disk Input/Output (I/O) to restore and maintain maximum performance. The Efficient Mode is smart enough to detect fragmentation that is a problem and targets it for priority handling. Efficient mode only addresses problem fragmentation and by eliminating the unnecessary extra effort to get to a state of 0 total fragments, peak performance is rapidly restored.
  • New Performance Report. The new performance report in Diskeeper 2011 overlays the main User Interface (UI) to provide the user with an instant view of gains they experience.
  • Exclusive InvisiTasking technology has been redesigned in Diskeeper 2011 to be more assertive in I/O active environments while still maintaining invisible processing. The enhancements will allow Diskeeper to accomplish more defragmentation and resolve it faster (e.g. Instant Defrag), during typical production workloads.
  • HyperFast solid state drive optimizer. Included in the server editions and available as an add-on to Diskeeper Home, Professional and ProPremier editions. HyperFast solid state drive optimizer is proven optimizing technology for Solid State Drives (SSDs), providing faster performance and longer lifespan.

The HyperFast technology is the most interesting feature; it is designed to maintain SSD performance throughout its lifespan. The company says HyperFast "creates and maintains optimized free space, increasing the controller’s ability to write sequentially and thereby enormously increasing the peak speed and life of the SSD."


Diskeeper 2011 for home use starts at $39.95 for the base version and is up to $109.95 for the Pro Primere with HyperFast package. HyperFast is not included in the base; it adds $10 onto the price of any edition.

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