by Josh Shaman

EMC Acquires Aveksa for Identity and Access Management

EMC is announcing its acquisition of Aveksa Inc. which is a privately held company focused on Identity and Access Management (IAM), with the results effective immediately as Aveksa will operate within EMC's security division called RSA as part of RSA's Identity Trust Management product group. Terms of the deal were not disclosed at the time of the release, however the new products will target enterprise, cloud and mobile device markets. IAM solutions have the critical job of ensuring that users gain access to the data to which they are permitted, while not enabling an over-reaching range that risks data breaches or non-compliance.

RSA and Aveksa's coordinated efforts will drive enterprises ability to automate the complete identity lifecycle of users from a business-driven perspective. This in turn leads to more agility and scalability to meet specific applications and their requirements. For IT administrators, Aveksa provides a unified dashboard for management and delivering access, while at the same time enforcing policies across the enterprise and cloud.

One of the keys to Aveksa's product line is that the software enables administrators to build and develop situational perimeters that are flexible and help to manage access more efficiently. One example EMC provides as to how this could enhance RSA's line is that Aveksa's ability to deliver impressive identity context could aid RSA with their intelligence-drive security strategy. This is significant as Aveksa products range a wide array of industries similar to RSA including: financial services, healthcare, retail, energy/utility, telecom, transportation and manufacturing.

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