by Lyle Smith

EMC and Teradata Partner to Deliver Better Backup and Disaster Recovery

Teradata has announced its new certified solutions that significantly enhance backup, recovery and DR capabilities for all Teradata Database users.  These new certifications combine EMC’s latest Data Domain deduplication storage systems and Teradata’s latest Data Stream Architecture (DSA), which deliver new data protection options via Teradata’s Backup Archive and Recovery (BAR) solution to all of its database customers.

A Teradata/EMC collaboration venture is not previously unheard of as Teradata already incorporates Data Domain systems as part of its Advocated BAR data protection offering. However, this new relationship is much more embedded since Teradata also sells, optimizes, and takes Level 1 support for Data Domain when it is sold as part of its BAR solution. Additionally, the certification of EMC's new Data Domain DD7200 is the latest in a recent list of advances by Teradata and EMC to specifically deliver improved data protection for Teradata Database customers.

In October 2013, Teradata announced the Data Stream Architecture (DSA), which was their new architecture designed to optimize data streaming from Teradata databases as well as increase performance of its BAR solution.  The DSA also offered new features including new stream layout and larger data blocks that improve Data Domain deduplication. Teradata’s close partnership with EMC allowed them to certify the Data Domain Operating System 5.4 in October 2013, and now the DD7200, generating a wide range backup performance improvements to their customers. Combining the DSA architecture, the latest DD OS, and the DD7200 protection storage system makes way for a 101% performance improvement over previous Data Domain-based Teradata BAR solution offerings.

Key Data Domain certification benefits:

  • Integrates into Teradata infrastructure; backups and restores are initiated from BAR
  • Minimizes the time database stays in read-only mode during backups
  • Stores more backups onsite, overcoming the 2 weeks on-site retention restriction when using tape
  • Enables an effective Disaster Recovery plan. Through the optimized network replication customers can send data using WAN to a remote site more frequently and without hogging the network
  • Guaranteed data integrity through continuous recovery verification, fault detection, and self-healing to ensure backups can be recovered.

What's new:

  • New Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA)
    • Optimizes Data Streaming From Teradata Databases
      • New Data Backup Layout
      • Larger Block Size
    • Enables More Efficient Deduplication
  • New Certification of Data Domain OS 5.4
  • New Certification of Data Domain DD7200
    • The Combination of DD7200, DD OS 5.4 & DSA Improves Backup Performance up to 101%

Teradata supports both the DD890 and the new DD7200.

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