by Mark Kidd

EMC Announces Enhancements to Atmos Cloud Storage Portfolio

EMC has announced general availability of Atmos 2.1, including details on several new features for Atmos that were not available when the 2.1 update was first announced in May. Atmos G3-Dense-480 hardware with a new x86 Intel architecture and a new release of Atmos GeoDrive Windows 1.1 round out the Atmos enhancements.

Atmos G3-Dense-480 Overview

Atmos G3 series servers will increase the top-end performance and density of the Atmos hardware portfolio, beginning with the new G3-Dense-480. The G3-Dense-480 is a 40U device with 60 3TB drives that ships racked, cabled, and pre-configured, providing 33% greater capacity than its predecessors. Intended to manage petabyte-scale environments, the G3-Dense-480 features a new Intel x86 architecture, 10 GbE network connectivity, 60 disks per node, and flexible rack-based configurations of 4, 6, or 8 nodes.

Atmos 2.1 Overview

In addition to REST, Atmos 2.1 natively supports the Amazon S3 API, which opens a path to migrate S3 applications to Atmos public and private clouds. This interoperability will allow Atmos-powered service providers to cultivate customers who have already invested development time into the Amazon S3 API.

Atmos 2.1 is available in three configurations:

  • Atmos CE (Complete Edition) provides full Atmos functionality for distributed locations, including multi-site active/active, multi-tenancy, full policy controls. Atmos CE is deployed on Atmos hardware.
  • Atmos LE (Light Edition) offers a subset of Atmos functionality to meet cloud archive and centralized data centers, including 2 sites, 1 tenant / 1 subtenant and limited policy controls. Atmos LE is deployed on Atmos hardware.
  • Atmos VE (Virtual Edition) provides full Atmos functionality on any VMware-certified third-party storage, including EMC Celerra, CLARiiON, Symmetrix, VNX, VNXe, and Isilon.

GeoDrive Enhancements

GeoDrive is offered at no charge to licensed Atmos customers, and does not require custom development to provide a familiar “cloud drive” user experience. GeoDrive 1.1 adds a new Windows CIFS gateway that supports unlimited users, as well as shareable URLs and optional Microsoft clustering for high availability and encryption.


EMC Atmos G3-Dense-480 Hardware, Atmos 2.1 Cloud Storage Platform, and GeoDrive Windows 1.1 are now available.

Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform Data Sheet

GeoDrive Data Sheet

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