by Josh Shaman

EMC Announces New and Updated Software Suites

EMC is announcing an enhanced version of their Storage Resource Management Suite and a new product called Service Assurance Suite to provide administrators with unadulterated views into storage, network, and compute infrastructures. This announcement also highlights new integration with the forthcoming EMC ViPR software-defined storage. The new EMC Service Assurance Suite and updated EMC Storage Resource Management Suite share a common presentation layer with EMC ViPR. This shared presentation layer will make the transition to software-defined storage easier, and it enables administrators to ensure that they are meeting service-level agreements and that they are seeing a proper return on their investments.

The new Service Assurance Suite includes several features to enhance its value. The reports it creates are designed to be acted upon, meaning that users can utilize them as a sort of tangible intelligence to make adjustments accordingly. Additionally, the suite has been optimized for managing complex cloud and virtual environments to decrease time unnecessarily spent on tasks the suite can easily handle. Service Assurance Suite also provides cross-domain management analysis that runs across physical and virtual environments or networks, storage arrays and servers to make sure applications perform properly.

The Storage Resource Management Suite has been updated with new Dashboard and Explore Views for VNX environments which improves file reporting, the end-to-end relationship as well as topology visualization. These enhancements help IT managers to deal with the exploding data growth the world continues to observe.


The new EMC Service Assurance Suite and the updated Storage Resource Management Suite are generally available today.

EMC Service Assurance Suite and EMC Storage Resource Management Suite

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