by Mark Kidd

EMC Announces Syncplicity Connector for Documentum and Syncplicity Mobile 2.0

EMC’s recent acquisition of Syncplicity has borne fruit in the form of integration between EMC’s information management platform Documentum and Syncplicity’s file synchronization, mobility and collaboration technology. This announcement also marks the availability of Syncplicity Mobile 2.0, with mobile support on iOS.

The new solution enables organizations to push content to user groups with control and visibility into where content is shared. Syncplicity’s technology enables organizations to publish content inside and outside the firewall while maintaining policy compliance, a growing area of importance as personal and corporate mobile devices become an integral part of doing business in many industries.

Integration with Documentum

Syncplicity integration with Documentum allows organizations to automate distribution of content from their Documentum repository to users and devices. Documentum is frequently used in situations where critical business documents must be comprehensively managed and distributed, such as standard operating procedures and controlled content in manufacturing; publishing deal books in financial services, and handling document transmittals in the extractive industries.

Syncplicity enhances the value of Documentum by facilitating secure remote and offline access to its information management services. Syncplicity integration with Documentum xCP enables developers to visually design, customize, and deploy applications that automatically or manually distribute content to users.

Syncplicity Mobile 2.0

Mobile 2.0 for Apple iOS enables automatic sync of files and folders to mobile devices without requiring users to move or change the way they organize their files and folders. 

Key Features

  • Push updates to mobile devices to keep offline files and folders current.
  • Push notification when a new version is available on their device.
  • Selective sync support for control over which files and folders synchronize.
  • Mobile favorites put a user’s important files at their fingertips
  • Administrative tools including security, compliance and policy controls.
  • IT admin controls sync processes to conserve device memory and power and protect against exceeding data plans


Syncplicity Mobile 2.0 for Apple iPad and iPhone devices is now available for download in the Apple Store. EMC plans to support Android devices soon.

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