by Mark Kidd

EMC's Updated Cloud Tiering Appliance Powers Tiering to Amazon S3 and 500M Files per Appliance

EMC Corporation has announced the latest version of its Cloud Tiering Appliance (CTA), which powers archiving and tiering to public clouds. In addition to supporting the Atmos public cloud provider ecosystem, CTA now provides the option to tier to Amazon S3 public cloud and built-in RSA encryption. According to EMC, the updated CTA offers 100% greater scalability, tiering 500 million files per appliance.

The EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance automates policy-based file movement to improve utilization of high-cost primary storage and reduce the volume of data in backup operations. By tiering inactive files from primary storage (EMC VNX, EMC Celerra, and NetApp) to the public cloud or archive storage, CTA customers can reclaim primary storage and reduce capital and operating expenses.

Cloud Tiering Appliance can be deployed standalone or in a built-in high availability configuration which does not require additional clustering software. The CTA/VE edition leverages virtualized server environments by deploying the Cloud Tiering Appliance onto a VMware ESX or vSphere server. EMC VNX customers can leverage the VNX FAST Suite with the Cloud Tiering Appliance to automatically tier data within the array to the most appropriate drive type based on activity. Data is thereby stored on the most cost effective drive type within VNX and the most cost-effective storage tier within the larger storage environment.

EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance Data Sheet

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