by Adam Armstrong

EMC ScaleIO 1.30 Delivers Improved VMware Integration

EMC's ScaleIO 1.30, now has improved VMware integration, raising the bar and eliminating limits on what can be done with software-defined storage. ScaleIO is a single-layer, enterprise-grade storage product that is scalable and elastic. ScaleIO can scale from a couple of servers to thousands (scaling from a few terabytes to several petabytes), and businesses can shrink or expand capacity and performance as needed without data migration or capacity planning. Version 1.30 has many benefits across a wide variety of solution including bare metal deployments, hypervisor based deployments, use cases (including OLTP workloads), virtual storage infrastructure for both enterprises and service providers, as well as EMC's VSPEX based solution architecture.

ScaleIO 1.30 now integrates with VMware ESX giving all kinds of new benefits such as:

  • Improved deployment times for VMware ESX customers. Turnkey deployment cuts installation time by 90% (over 100 nodes can be deployed in just over an hour)
  • Increased storage efficiency and capacity, only consume storage when written to and optimize commodity based node deployment
  • Software-defined data center protection through integration with EMC RecoverPoint (expected to be released in the foruth quarter of 2014)
  • Improved performance in Windows environments by 200% for block storage
  • Expanded accessibility for OpenStack with ScaleIO's Cinder plugin or programmable REST API
  • Administrators have an improved user experience with speedier configuration tasks and simplified management
  • New ScaleIO VSPEX based solutions offer new partner opportunities.

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