by Mark Kidd

EMC SRM Suite 3.0 and ViPR 1.1 Solution Bridge Client-Server and Software-Defined Infrastructure

EMC is introducing version 3.0 of its Storage Resource Management (SRM) Suite, which includes close integration with the ViPR Software-Defined Storage platform. ViPR which has also received new and enhanced functionality in its version 1.1, allowing the two products to be used in concert to deploy an EMC management framework across both traditional and software-defined environments.

EMC ViPR is a software-only product that transforms existing storage into an extensible and open platform, and beginning today ViPR 1.1 will be offered as a free download. ViPR 1.1 adds a Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) Data Service, which allows HDFS to be deployed across existing files from ViPR systems. The HDFS service streamlines the process of migrating existing storage infrastructure into an HDFS big data repository with Hadoop analytics.

Other updates include new ViPR management support for the EMC Symmetrix Remote Data Facility, which can provide remote replication for mission-critical environments. EMC’s Data Protection Advisor can now provide replication and analysis for data replication policies applied across the entire infrastructure, and SRM Suite 3.0 also adds a simplified user interface for management insight and visualization in multi-vendor storage environments.


ViPR is available as a free download from EMC

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