by Lyle Smith

EMC VPLEX Doubles The Supported Distance Between Active-Active Data Centers

EMC has announced that it has doubled the distance supported for moving VMware vSPhere vMotion workloads between active-active data centers with EMC VPLEX virtual storage. In addition, they also announced new VPLEX capabilities that will shape the way customers think about how they share data in VMware hybrid clouds to eliminate data center boundaries while transforming their IT infrastructure.

VPLEX Metro has been qualified by EMC to support VMware vSphere vMotion workload mobility over twice the distance (by 200 km and up to 10 ms round-trip latency) with VMware vSphere enhancements. A data center in one city, for example, can now move its mission-critical VMware vSphere vMotion application workload to another city within the new distance parameters. VPLEX also optimizes the benefits of VMware vSphere vMotio by enabling active-active access to mission critical data-enabling application mobility with minimum effort and little disruption.

Customers can now easily deploy an active-active data center environment with point-in-time protection using a new single offering that packages EMC RecoverPoint continuous data protection software with VPLEX. EMC VPLEX allows virtual data centers to be highly available, active-active, and geographically distributed and can seamlessly pool two data centers together to enable mobility, availability and collaboration for their data without disruption. The new capabilities for VPLEX and RecoverPoint now extend the benefits of active-active to the IP WAN providing new levels of network utilization, availability, and intelligence for instant resolutions changes in the network.


All capabilities and functionality mentioned above are now available worldwide.

VPLEX Metro Spec Sheet (PDF)


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