by Bill Valle

Emulex EndaceFlow Netflow Generator Appliance Announced

Emulex is releasing a data capture appliance entitled EndaceFlow 3040 that will be capable of providing depth of information regarding the management of application and network performance. These products are designed to assist network and application infrastructure administrators in four categories: prevention of issues/anomalies, detection/alerting, response, and determination of root cause. The appliances in this family are compatible with many of today’s common monitoring and management tools such as Lancope, Splunk, SevOne, and Compuware.

EndaceFlow 3040 Netflow Generator Appliance
The EndaceFlow 3040 Netflow Generator Appliance (NGA) has 4 incoming 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 30 GB/s of bandwidth, and supports Netflow v5, v9, and IPFIX. A broad range of fields is supported with 46 v9 fields and 133 IPFIX fields. The EndaceFlow 3040 NGA has a total active flow cache size of 64 million, and has advanced filtering with up to 120 filters across 4 collectors with Advanced Hash Load Balancing (HLB) to prevent collector overflow. Using EndaceFlow 3040 with Lancope StealthWatch Netflow Collector has improved the response times of network managers on incidents by several orders of magnitude and also lowered cost by the reduction of man hours required for resolution.

Pricing and Availability

The EndaceFlow 3040 NGA releases on Oct 2nd for an MSRP of $52,000. 

Emulex Endace Solutions

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