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ExaGrid Announces Forthcoming Version 4.7 Software Update

ExaGrid today announced details about updates to its core software offering with enhanced scalability for GRID backup storage deployments and expanded data center replication for disaster recovery. Version 4.7 also adds parallel replication and deduplication functionality and a new, integrated ExaGrid-Veeam data mover solution for virtualized environments.

ExaGrid’s GRID architecture is designed to scale out in order to maintain backup window times as capacity requirements increase. With the release of version 4.7, the ExaGrid family of disk-based backup storage appliances will now be able to incorporate 14 appliances into a single scale-out GRID environment, a 40 percent increase, with a rated ingest rate of 60TB per hour and aggregated capacity of 294TB. This is up from 10 appliances per scale-out GRID prior.

Expanded cross-datacenter replication for disaster recovery administration will allow up to 16 systems in a data center cross-protection topology arranged as a hub with 15 spokes.

ExaGrid GRID architectureExaGrid stores recent backups in an undeduplicated form as part of its "landing zone" approach to speeding up restores, virtual machine boots, and tape archival operations. The updated software will now also be able to carry out deduplication and replication in parallel during backup operations when those services are required.

The new update expands ExaGrid’s partnership with Veeam by allowing Veeam’s data mover to be installed within ExaGrid appliances. This solution utilizes a Veeam backup server in tandem with the ExaGrid-hosted data mover, with the two systems communicating with a proprietary network protocol rather than CIFS. This integration allows the ExaGrid appliance to speed the creation of synthetic full backups for virtual environments by offloading work from the Veeam server.

Pricing and Availability

The updated software will be available in September at no charge to ExaGrid customers with maintenance and support agreements.

ExaGrid Disk Backup with Data Deduplication Product Line

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