by Lyle Smith

Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX200F All-Flash Storage Array Announced

​Fujitsu has announced the launch of the Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX200F, an all-Flash storage array that uses the technologies of the ETERNUS DX S3 platform, offering high-performance storage I/O for entry-level to Fortune 1000 enterprise customers. All major components are redundant, including the power supply and storage controller, allowsing for continuous operations or for component swaps during an unplanned event outage.

Technical Specifications:

  • 2U height standard 19” enclosure
  • 2x power supplies
  • 2x storage controller modules for high-availability
  • 16GB cache
  • Complementary ETERNUS SF Express management software

ETERNUS DX200F quickens batch processing times and eliminates the problem of processing lag, which is caused by high-frequency storage access in a virtual-server or virtual-desktop environment. Additionally, it helps to create new business opportunities by giving companies the ability to run real-time analytics for big data and to handle web traffic during peak times in a much more seamless manner.

Performance is achieved using the combination of SSDs and 12Gbps SAS interface to net exceptional transfer capability. Latency on the DX200F is also very low, at less than 0.5 ms, maintaining superior response times for data hungry applications. The remote copy feature of  the Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX Series disk storage systems allow the ETERNUS DX200F to be easily backed up to an ETERNUS DX Series unit that uses nearline HDD disks. The ETERNUS DX200F also is equipped with standard support for thin provisioning, enabling administrators to establish virtual capacity no matter the physical capacity of the SSDs. As a result, this makes it possible to add physical disks as storage needs increase without changing capacity settings, which increases the utilization efficiency of storage resources and helps to optimize investments.

Feature highlights include:

  • Complete SSD-based system
  • 5 - 24 SSDs of either 800GB or 1,600GB
  • Based on standard architectures
  • Standardized storage management software to manage all ETERNUS DX systems
  • Integration of the system in management tools from VMware and MS Hyper-V
  • 16Gb Fibre Channel and/or 10Gb iSCSI connection


The Fujitsu ETERNUS DX200F all-Flash array will be available for ordering sometime in June 2014.

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