by Bill Valle

Fusion ioControl 3.0 and SPX Solutions Announced

SMBs and SMEs are adding flash storage to their SAN infrastructures to take advantage of the lower latency and faster data transfer of PCIe based memory drives. With the announcement of ioControl 3.0, Fusion-io has provided Midrange customers with a solution to control their storage environment’s quality of service (QoS) for each specific application demand. Fusion ioControl 3.0 manages snapshots, replication, and enhanced caching across a hybrid storage environment of ioMemory application accelerators and traditional hard drives with QoS tunable by demand.

Performance priority is always given to active data (so it stays in flash cache) and workload priorities or performance targets that can be custom tailored by the storage administration team. Updates to the Dynamic Data Placement QoS allow dynamic adjustments to data placement on either disks or ioMemory based on application priority which allows up to 3 times more workloads consolidated into a smaller footprint. Fusion-io designed the management interface for administrators to be intuitive and policy based so users can easily create profiles and implement them quickly.

Also announced is the ioControl Server Performance Extension (SPX), which is a suite of complete solutions that is the first to offer in-server caching combined with the hybrid storage array. This solution will further accelerate performance of ioControl 3.0 by an additional 400% as compared to other hybrid storage systems. ioControl SPX solutions reduce storage sprawl of VMware and Microsoft SQL Server clusters which will significantly reduce costs for small and medium size businesses (SMBs) and minimize latency to high availability applications via server side caching and active-active clustering.


Fusion ioControl 3.0 and SPX solutions are available now from Fusion-io. The SPX solutions start at $139,350 for the two-server application cluster with 3.9TB flash (1.5TB in 2 servers, 2.4TB in hybrid) and 48TB ioControl shared storage.

Fusion ioControl Solutions

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