by Lyle Smith

Fusion ioMemory Now Optimized For SQL Server 2014

Fusion-io has announced that their Fusion ioMemory platform has now been optimized for performance with SQL Server 2014, building upon the in-memory innovation in SQL Server 2014 by offering up to 4x improvements in transactions per second as well as a significant reduction in data latencies. The transactional performance from Fusion-io flash memory products drives real-time insights for faster business decisions. Incidentally, improved SQL performance is impressive considering ioMemory devices already own three of the top five spots in our SQL 2012 benchmark.

SQL Server 2014 now provides in-memory capabilities built into the core database for online transaction processing, which significantly speeds the process to analyze real-time transaction data. SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP, coupled with the Fusion-io cut through architecture, delivers the highest performance-level of transactions along with the simplest, most cost-effective approach compared to legacy architectures.

A Fusion powered SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP database helps customers to adapt more quickly to the constantly changing market conditions. Additionally, Fusion ioMemory provides tens of terabytes of high-performance flash per server to deliver real-time business insights at a fraction of the cost of scaling out disks for performance. Fusion-io’s persistent, high capacity ioMemory platform gives servers native access to flash memory, which significantly increases the datacenter’s efficiency, all with enterprise grade performance, reliability, availability, and manageability.

Fusion-io also supports the new Buffer Pool Extension feature in SQL Server 2014. With Buffer Pool Extensionand low latency Fusion-io flash memory, customers can now significantly reduce the amount of user wait-time throughout their database environment. In addition, Fusion ioMemory easily integrates into the SQL Server 2014 Database Engine buffer pool, which significantly improves I/O throughput as well as reduces disk latency by offloading clean data pages from traditional storage to flash.

Integration between Buffer Pool Extension in SQL Server 2014 and the Fusion ioMemory platform improves database performance by allowing solid-state storage to exist with DRAM. By enabling organizations to scale with NAND flash versus DRAM Fusion memory-like performance, it helps to reduce overall costs. The simplicity of Buffer Pool Extension and performance of Fusion’s flash technology allows Buffer Pool Extension to be easily implemented and allows other applications to reside on Fusion’s ioMemory products that demand greater I/O.

Fusion-io is slated to appear at Microsoft Technology Centers (MTCs) worldwide to showcase how Fusion ioMemory products maximize SQL Server 2014.

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