by Josh Shaman

Fusion ioTurbine Upgrade Announced

Fusion-io is announcing a large-scale upgrade to its unified virtualization software ioTurbine which features hypervisor caching, virtualization-aware caching in guest VMs, dynamic reallocation of cache memory during live migration of VMs in VMware vMotion, and unified management of caching across virtual and physical environments. ioTurbine enables IT administrators to more easily deploy and future proof their virtualization whether the organization is just implementing virtualization for their datacenter or they have a full virtual infrastructure. ioTurbine’s unified management of physical and virtual environments simplifies performance provisioning so that IT administrators can spend less time focused on that and more time on additional IT tasks.

Fusion ioTurbine is all about flexibility. It supports a range of operating systems including VMware ESXi, Windows and Linux. Organizations can also work with server and storage systems of their choice including Fusion ION Data Accelerator and Fusion-io NexGen hybrid storage system. On top of those compatibility features, ioTurbine also includes ioSphere monitoring software for local monitoring of multiple deployments of the software throughout a datacenter and a plug-in for VMware vSphere for unified management across physical and virtual servers.

Fusion ioTurbine virtualization software delivers a robust feature-set. Starting out, with terabytes of auto-tiered caching, it can provide up to 40x faster database performance. Also, as we alluded to above, caching across virtual and physical servers, guest VMs, and in the hypervisor can drive performance across environments. The software also automatically rebalances cache capacity from live VMs so that new or migrated VMs can efficiently utilize available cache. Additionally, the software has vMotion support to avoid requiring manual vMotion scripting or pre-allocating identical caches across servers.

Fusion ioTurbine can be purchased stand-alone or bundled with the Fusion ioCache data accelerator platform for virtualization. The ioCache platform features 750GB of Fusion ioMemory for ultra-low latency application acceleration. ioTurbine caches data to the ioCache platform for rapid processing and non-critical data moves across the network to high capacity arrays.

Pricing and Availability

Fusion ioTurbine is available from Fusion-io and its resellers for an MSRP of $3900. The bundled ioTurbine and ioCache solution is available now for an MSRP of $7500.

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