by Mark Kidd

Fusion-io Announces General Availability of ioScale PCIe Flash

ioScale is Fusion-io’s half-length ioMemory PCIe drive, available in capacities up to 3.2TB with a single controller. A small form factor server outfitted with ioScale cards can reach 12.8TB or more, a typical application for ioScale in the datacenter. In the past, ioScale has only been available for order in the thousands of units, but will now be available for minimum orders of one hundred. 

Base pricing for ioScale is $3.89 per gigabyte, a price point intended to encourage migration to all-flash infrastructures for smaller enterprise deployments all the way up to hyperscale datacenters. ioScale traces its roots to Fusion’s ioFX workstation acceleration products, leveraging that technology to offer a simplified high density solution to reduce datacenter space requirements and power consumption while improving performance and environmental tolerances.

Servers with UEFI can boot from ioScale, eliminating RAID controllers and other disk infrastructure. ioScale also incorporates ioMemory features including self-healing, wear management, and predictive monitoring. ioMemory SDK support means that ioScale can leverage the ioMemory API for atomic writes and directFS.

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