by Josh Shaman

Fusion-io Announces ioFX Integration with HP and 1.6TB Capacity

Fusion-io is announcing that their ioFX workstation acceleration plaform will soon be available in a 1.6TB capacity connecting via PCIe and also that it will be available as an integrated solution in several HP Workstations. The ioFX 1.6TB adds to the already available 420GB model. The two ioFX models are designed for creative professionals working with video editing, CAD, 4k, 3D imaging, and digital intermediate (DI) finishing. Other use cases for the ioFX include: encoding, transcoding, particle simulations and working with large quantities of cached data. The ioFX devices remove traditional data storage bottlenecks enabling full performance from CPUs and graphics cards. This allows creative professionals to access the full native power of their machines so that they can complete their work with greater efficiency.

Fusion ioMemory software enhances lots of Fusion-io products including the ioFX platforms. ioMemory uses its advanced OS architecture to reduce latency issues typically found with HDDs and SSDs. Fusion ioSphere is also included with ioFX platforms, and it enables users access to a single interface to remotely monitor and manage their Fusion-io products.

Fuison ioFX Integration with HP

The collaboration Fusion-io is making with HP to integrate the Fusion ioFX into the HP Z820, Z620, and Z420 Workstations will offer solid platforms for creative professionals to efficiently complete their work. The HP Workstations that are integrated with the ioFX are optimal choices for those working with visual effects, upstream exploration of oil and gas, digital content creation and CAD.

The Fusion ioFX will accelerate NVIDIA graphics cards to enhance performance in several programs popular with creatives. Some of those programs include Adobe, Assimilate, and The Foundry.


The 1.6 TB Fusion ioFX will be available in summer 2013 and pricing details are to come at release. The 420 GB model is currently available from Fusion-io and retailers for an MSRP of $1995.

Fusion ioFX

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