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Fusion-io Announces Updated ioTurbine Software and Fast Flash Consultation Program

Fusion-io today announced updates to its ioTurbine enterprise caching software, which improves performance of existing NAS and SAN environments by utilizing server-side flash to accelerate applications and reduce latency for frequently-accessed data. ioTurbine is available for use with the company's ioMemory products for flash directly installed in servers, and can be used with the ION Data Accelerator or ioControl SPX solutions for external flash shared across servers. Fusion-io also announced a short-term Fast Flash program to facilitate technical consultations between the company and prospective ioTurbine clients.

ioTurbine offloads read activity from shared storage to flash memory in order to accelerate applications across both physical and virtual servers. The software also centralizes management and staging of caching updates to reporting solutions such as VMware vCenter, along with providing support for distributed management that tolerates latencies introduced by long-distance network links. New one-click application caching and streamlined management are among enhancements meant to better support the use of local flash as a link between standard x86 servers and storage systems.

The new ioTurbine Fast Flash program will provide non-intrusive assessments of customer workloads, hands-on integration support, and streamline volume pricing for companies adding caching across multiple servers. The Fast Flash program will be available from today through the end of VMware Partner Exchange conference in February 2014. The ioTurbine Profile software is also available to help administrators assess the potential benefits of ioTurbine.


Fusion ioTurbine software is available now either stand-alone or bundled with ioMemory flash solutions including ioCache. A standalone ioTurbine Profiler tool is also now available from Fusion-io at no cost.

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