by Brian Beeler

Fusion-io Announces Yelp is Using ioMemory for Data Acceleration

While high-speed flash is one of the more alluring components of the storage market at large, most major companies that figure out how to use storage for a competitive advantage like to keep such accomplishments quiet. Thus we rarely hear about major deployments in any public way. Today though, Fusion-io has announced that Yelp, the popular location-based coffee/bar/restaurant finder app, is using ioMemory to accelerate their databases. 

Transactional databases have long been a primary use case for flash. Making transactions go faster translates into real economic value. Combined with some of the other TCO arguments like reduced power consumption and increased longevity of current compute and storage assets, both sales and finance functions can get on board with the idea of flash being used to accelerate databases. In this case, Yelp leveraged ioMemory to accelerate searches, review submissions and other transactions for their more than 53 million unique monthly visitors. 

While Yelp didn't disclose how much data they're accelerating, they did indicate that in this case they're working with MySQL databases. MySQL is a core application test for StorageReview, details of our testing and core results can be compared side by side to help organizations determine how much various flash solutions can benefit this specific workload. Fusion-io cards do well in this particular workload, offering a good combination of performance and capacity in a universal fit form factor. 


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