by Adam Armstrong

Fusion-io ION Accelerator gets SAP Certification

Fusion-io announced today that its all-flash Fusion ION Accelerator version 2.3 is now SAP certified. The certification enables the ION Accelerator to participate in SAP’s program for SAP HANA. Fusion-io's participation in the program allows customers to leverage their existing hardware and infrastructure components for their SAP HANA-based environments. The ION Accelerator appliance has been SAP certified to scale to 32 HANA nodes, making it one of the industry’s leading storage solutions for HANA.

StorageReview’s benchmarks of ION Data Accelerator software-solution with 3.2TB ioScale PCIe cards catalogs the performance benefits that the ION platform demonstrated by creating pools of high-speed PCIe flash available to multiple host servers. Offering integrated appliances means that Fusion can support a standard platform across hardware and software, and that IT administrators can deploy application acceleration without having to configure and deploy new storage servers or add PCIe to existing servers.

SAP HANA converges database and application platform capabilities in memory allowing businesses to operate in real time. The Fusion ION Accelerator now delivers reliable, excellent performance required for SAP HANA. The ION Accelerator can be easily integrated into existing IT architecture, allowing customers to add a tier of flash performance for their deployments of SAP HANA. Using Fusion-io flash memory with SAP HANA, customers can realize faster data load times, faster back-up and recovery times, and better SAN utilization all for dramatically lower capacity costs.


The ION Accelerator is available now from Fusion-io and leading server vendors.

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