by Adam Armstrong

GE and Pivotal Announce the First Industrial-Scale Data Lake

GE has announced that through their partnership with Pivatol, they have created the world's first industrial-scale data lake. The data lake will be able to take Big Data, store it in the form that it comes into the lake (saving a lot of time and effort that is generally spent getting it into a usable format) and offer a highly scalable and fast management for the data. Most importantly, the data lake will give businesses the ability to quickly analyze the metadata, allowing them to operate more efficiently, predict future problems and fix them before they happen.

GE is more known for building jet engines, electric generators, and household appliances than it is known for its presence in information technology. But through its partnership with Pivatol and its own software, GE's PredixTM, GE can use the data lake on all of its numerous products, making the production more efficient, increasing consumer satisfaction and greatly reducing costs. Though GE is currently using the data lake its jet engine customers, which include most of the world's major airlines, this technology can benefit any number of the products they offer from medical scanners to power generation.

Not only would GE benefit from fast analysis of metadata but airlines, railroads, hospitals, car manufacturers, and utilities could greatly benefit from this type of data lake as well. GE says it has taken analysis time from months to days and has produced a measurable cost saving. This may be the first industrial-scale data lake but it will be far from the last. 

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