by Lyle Smith

GridIron Announces TurboCharger GT-1500 Data Accelerator Appliance

GridIron Systems has announced TurboCharger GT-1500, a Flash-based appliance that drastically improves the performance of entire data center Storage Area Networks (SANs) to solid state speeds while avoiding the issue of disrupting servers, storage or software applications. The GridIron TurboCharger is an innovative appliance that does away with conventional storage I/O bottlenecks by intelligently caching and accelerating application data delivery. To make sure applications run at optimum performance levels, TurboCharger continuously profiles the behavior of applications and caches performance-critical data for rapid, low-latency delivery.

TurboCharger allows companies to scale out application workloads while delivering an efficient end-user experience across multiple applications simultaneously by offloading many CPU-intensive read and data processing functions from the SAN, along with its industry-leading bandwidth. Additionally, IT organizations can get greater value from their investments in back end storage because of significant improvements TurboCharger delivers without the need to change existing servers, storage, applications, or database resources.

TurboCharger is part of GridIron’s OneAppliance suite of solutions, which are designed specifically to accelerate the performance of I/O-intensive applications in the data center. With the new GT-1500 model, it combines the latest Intel processors, motherboard, and Flash capabilities with GridIron’s patent-pending Set-Ranking technology, with unique silicon and software analytics, to accelerate existing storage performance up to 100 times. Additionally, enterprises can run applications up to 10 times faster without the risk and expense of migrating data from traditional storage systems to Flash, as all I/O write operations pass through to existing storage devices.

The GT-1500 is a space–efficient and energy-friendly 2U rack appliance with 12 TB of lash capacity. It can consistently accelerate up to 128TB of primary storage at performance levels of 550,000 I/O IOPS as well as 3.2 Gigabytes per second bandwidth, which enables highly concurrent user and application access. Users can scale performance by simply adding more TurboChargers to the environment.

The TurboCharger GT-1500 is now available from GridIron Systems.

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