by Mark Kidd

HGST 1.2TB 10K Ultrastar 2.5-inch Enterprise HDDs Now Shipping

HGST has announced the availability of its new 1.2TB Ultrastar C10K1200 hard drives, the largest in the C10K line of 10,000RPM enterprise drives. The C10K1200 features a 64MB cache and a 6Gb/s SAS 6Gb/s interface that is plug-compatible with the company’s Ultrastar SSDs.

Interoperability with Ultrastar SSDs allows administrators to flexibly mix and match drives during deployment, maintenance, and upgrades. A 2U, 24-bay array of 1.2TB C10K1200 drives can reach 28.8TB in capacity. HGST Advanced Power Management multi-state idle modes use less than 5W during. Select models offer Bulk Data Encryption designed to meet the Trusted Computing Group’s Enterprise A Security Subsystem Class specification.

Ultrastar C10K900 Specifications

  • HDD dimensions (w x d x h mm): 70 x 100.6 x 14.8
  • RPM: 10,000
  • Size (GB): 1200
  • Heads / Disks: 8 / 4
  • Head size: Femto
  • Head writer/reader: PMR
  • GB/disk max: 300
  • MTBF: 2.0 million hours
  • Disk media type: Glass
  • Disk media diameter & thickness (mm): 65/0.8
  • Areal Density max (Gb/in2): 448
  • BPI/TPI max. (000): 1641/273
  • Average seek (ms) read/write: 4.6/5.0
  • Media Data rate (int. max., Mbit/sec) : 2232
  • Cache (MB): 64
  • Shock (Gs) Op/Non-op: 60 / 300
  • Acoustics (idle) Bels: 3.1
  • Interface: SAS 6.0 Gbps


The new 2.5-inch Ultrastar C10K1200 hard drive is shipping today, and has been qualified by select OEMs.

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