by Lyle Smith

HighPoint RocketRAID 4500 Series RAID-on-Chip HBAs Now Available

HighPoint has announced availability of the RocketRAID 4500 series RAID-on-Chip HBAs, their latest 6GB/s SAS RAID product line. The 4500 series is built with a comprehensive suite of management and recovery features designed to secure critical data investments while its onboard RAID processor and integrated memory allow for high-performance and reliability. With its dedicated 800MHz, 6GB/s SAS RAID-on-Chip processor and 512MB of onboard DDR3 cache memory, it offloads RAID processing from the system hardware, freeing up essential system resources.

The RocketRAID 4500 series is equipped with industry standard Mini-SAS connectors, directly supporting up to 8 SAS/SATA hard drives or SSDs, as well as up to 128 devices in cascade configurations when used in conjunction with SAS expander devices. Additionally, it provides maximum reliability with a plethora of security, recovery, and maintenance features. The optional battery backup unit allows for faster recovery times and secures customer data for up to 72 hours in case of any sort of power failure. With HighPoint’s RAID Recovery tool, the cards can protect storage configurations by securely storing multiple copies of RAID meta-data; administrators can then utilize this to quickly restore a failed or disabled RAID array.

RocketRAID 4500 series HBA’s are ideal for I/O intensive applications, without sacrificing performance and valuable system resources. The dedicated RAID processing hardware and storage redundancy features eliminate any loss in performance inflicted by resource-heavy applications. RocketRAID 4500 HBA’s can also sustain transfer speeds over 1200MB/s for single and dual-redundancy RAID configurations, which provides the ideal platform for high-density, I/O intensive storage applications including digital content creation and media post production.

RocketRAID 4500 series HBA’s are compatible with all of the latest operating system platforms, including Windows 8 and Mac O SX 10.8 Mountain Lion. HighPoint has Solution-Ready software packages available for the entire RocketRAID 4500 product line, allowing administrators to integrate RAID storage into a wide-range of hardware and software environments. Device drivers are also available for all major PC software platforms such as Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, and Open source Linux distributions.

Pricing and Availability

RocketRAID 4520 HBA’s and HPTBBU-05 battery backup units are now available. The RocketRAID 4522 is slated for a release in the first half of November, 2012. Suggested pricing is as follows: RocketRAID 4520 - $429.00, RocketRAID 4522 - $579.00, HPTBBU-05 - $129.99.

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