by Charles Jefferies

Hitachi Releases G-Technology G-SPEED Q and G-SPEED FC XL

G-Technology by Hitachi has introduced two new high-speed storage solutions: The G-SPEED Q and G-SPEED FC XL 8Gb.

The G-SPEED Q features eSATA FireWire 400/800, and USB 2.0 interfaces. The four-bay device has an internal RAID controller and supports up to 8TB of space. The company claims it has transfer speeds up to 200MB/s through eSATA. It ships formatted for Macs with four Hitachi 7200RPM SATA II hard drives; they can be configured in RAID 0 or 5. The G-SPEED Q will be available in June at $899 for 4TB and $1,499 for 8TB.

The G-SPEED FC XL 8Gb is designed for use as a SAN or as a high-speed storage add-on to an existing XSan2/metaSAN network. It features an 8Gb/s Fibre Channel connection; the company claims it has 700MB/s throughput. The FC XL 8Gb features an Intel RAID processor and supports RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, and JBOD. It is available in 2U and 3U rack-mountable enclosures with capacities up to 32TB. It comes with web-based GUI monitoring software. Using the SAS expansion port, the device can be scaled up to 256TB by attaching the company's G-SPEED eS PRO XL.

The G-SPEED FC XL 8Gb will be available in May for $8,999 with 12TB of storage.

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