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HP Announces Autonomy Adaptive Backup and Recovery Solutions

HP has announced three enterprise backup and recovery technology releases from the company’s Autonomy division. Autonomy's adaptive approach to backup encompasses four areas of emphasis: prioritization, prediction, recommendation, and automation. The announcement includes details about the new HP Backup Navigator predictive analytics tool, a new HP Data Protector Management Pack, and performance updates incorporated into the new HP Data Protector 9.0.

HP Backup Navigator is designed to help administrators collaborate and share analytical insights across the enterprise. Backup Navigator generates centralized analytics for multiple Cell Managers, tracks changes to the backup infrastructure, and provides visibility into backup resources including HP’s StoreOnce, virtual tape libraries, and other tape media solutions. Integrated social media capabilities include automated report creation and sharing streamlines communication between different data administration teams. Other Backup Navigator functionality assists with capacity planning, predictive insight, and advanced failure analysis.

The new Data Protector Management Pack offers centralized monitoring for HP Data Protector environments with plug-in support for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. The Data Protector Management Pack provides administrators with a visual status indicator for all clients and devices. The Management Pack also generates visualizations of the data protection environment and manages events, alarms, and actions for data protection operations with recommendations for how administrators can address flagged issues.

HP Data Protector 9.0 brings new integrations with HP storage solutions and StoreOnce federated deduplication. A new SmartCache feature provides rapid recovery for VMware vSphere virtual disks. Data Protector 9.0 improves support for EMC and NetApp storage offerings, and incorporates native support for EMC Data Domain Boost. Data Protector 9.0 increases the security of backup workloads with encryption to protect deduped data in flight and at rest.

Data Protector 9.0 features new or updated platform certifications for HP StoreOnce VSA, Windows 2012 R2 Disk Agent Support, RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.4/6.5 Disk Agent Support, Oracle 12c App Agent Support, Symantec Storage Foundations (VxVM), and Oracle 11g Support. New and updated application integrations include Smart Cache for VMware GRE (Rapid Recovery), vSphere Granular Recovery for Linux (CentOS Guest VMs), HP Converged Systems for SAP HANA Disaster Recovery Support, and Windows 2012 R2 Enhanced Automated Disaster Recovery (EADR) Support.


HP Backup Navigator and the HP Data Protector Management Pack are available now. HP Data Protector 9.0 is expected in June 2014. Backup Navigator is offered with capacity-based pricing, while the Data Protector Management Pack is priced by the number of Cell Managers.

HP Adaptive Backup and Recovery

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