by Josh Shaman

HP Announces Further Commitment to OpenStack

Already having been a top contributor to Openstack for a couple of years, HP announced that it will continue to expand its commitment with new and enhanced HP Converged Cloud offerings that enable enterprises to lower their costs while still enhancing their user experience. This integration of Openstack technology will enable HP to deliver OpenStack open-source products to its private, public and hybrid cloud portfolio. As part of their announcement, HP says that Cloudsystem, their private cloud solution is being updated. Of course, the updated HP CloudSystem 7.2 now features integrated OpenStack technology. While CloudSystem focuses on provisioning, managing and scaling clouds, OpenStack will increase the feature-set by supporting “bursting” capabilities and RedHat KVM resource pools. The integration makes it so that enterprise users can utilize their external resources from HP CloudSystem.

HP is getting started with their Openstack integration right away by announcing its forthcoming HP CloudSystem Bursting Activation Services so that enterprises and service providers can easily install and setup cloud-bursting capabilities. HP's support experts will be available to help IT staff get going with their hybrid clouds and help them to optimize technologies.

HP StoreVirtual Nodes

Another new entry is HP Cloud Messaging which duplicates messages across more than one server and makes it so that developers can build applications to sustain workloads under even greater stress. Cloud Messaging is a go-between for applications to exchange information, and it uses the OpenStack Marconi API standard. This will save administrators time as they won't have to install or configure systems for the exchanged information to become available.

The final significant feature that HP announced is its newly implemented Fibre Channel support in the OpenStack Grizzly platform, which adds to existing iSCSI protocol support. HP's Converged Storage portfolio now supports Openstack across both protocols which yields access to a cloud-based open-source platform so that users can increase their flexibility without having to add costs.


HP CloudSystem 7.2 is now available worldwide. HP CloudSystem Bursting Activation Services will be available worldwide this summer from HP and the channel. Pricing will vary by location and implementation. HP Cloud messaging is in private beta. The OpenStack drivers for HP 3PAR StoreServ and HP StoreVirtual Storage are available in the new version of OpenStack Grizzly, which was already released this month.

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