by Mark Kidd

HP Announces IBRIX X9730 Storage and IBRIX OS v6.1 to Streamline High-Volume NAS Deployment

HP’s new IBRIX X9730 Storage solution is intended to serve organizations with NAS storage requirements that have grown too complex or too large to manage with current-generation NAS filers. The IBRIX X9730 scales to 1.68PB of capacity in a single system and 16PB in a single namespace to support long-term, high-volume information archival as well as cloud and content depot applications.

HP IBRIX X9730 Storage simplifies the process of adding extra capacity in order to minimize datacenter footprint-related expenses. When information growth requires the addition of datacenter nodes, IBRIX OS v6.1 streamlines NAS deployment for both HP IBRIX X9320 and IBRIX X9730 Storage systems with a modular design that supports managing over 1000 file serving nodes.

IBRIX X9730 Storage delivers three times the sequential workload performance of its predecessor and integrates with archive applications including Symantec Enterprise Vault and CommVault Simpana to meet corporate governance and e-Discovery requirements. IBRIX Constant Validation Software provides automated monitoring and repairing of corrupted files in order to ensure long-term data integrity.

Clients can centrally manage HP IBRIX X9000 Storage systems at the master datacenter level, including advanced health monitoring. The IBRIX Storage X9000 systems support automated data tiering and prioritization, which transparently redistributes and balances workloads to the appropriate storage tier based on available capacity.


The HP IBRIX X9730 Storage system is available immediately, with estimated list price starting at $192,589 for 140TB capacity and $223,589 for 210TB. Pricing includes all necessary hardware, including file serving nodes, storage, networking, and rack as well as all software features, including Constant Data Validation, load balancing, local and remote replication and WORM/retention.

HP IBRIX X9730 Storage Product Page

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