by Mark Kidd

HP Announces New Converged Storage Services

HP has announced a variety of new enterprise services as part of a suite of enhancements to the HP Converged Storage portfolio. These new services integrate with the latest system additions to HP Converged Storage, in order to protect and scale midmarket data storage.

HP has announced that the 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage, the newest addition to the HP Converged Storage Portfolio, is now included in HP’s Storage Management Services. The StoreServ 7000 offers Tier 1 functionality at midrange pricing, allowing HP Storage Management Services to align capacity and performance demands with budget restrictions. HP Storage Management Services will offer managed support for HP 3PAR Thin Provisioning and other HP 3PAR thin technologies, with the flexibility to deliver both synchronous and asynchronous replication on the same device for varied levels of protection.

StoreOnce 6200 Backup systems have been added to HP Backup and Restore Services to take advantage of StoreOnce’s federated deduplication capabilities to efficiently move data from application and backup servers to target appliances in both client- and HP-managed data centers. Integration of HP StoreOnce 6200 Backup with HP Backup and Restore Services also simplifies deploying consumption-based storage billing.

Integration of HP Archive and Compliance Services with HP StoreAll Storage facilitates the containment of data growth in applications on primary storage by offering consolidation across multiple locations as well as the management of massive, compliant scale-out infrastructure for long-term storage of aged and persistent content. HP managed storage services for StoreAll Storage secure data for long-term archiving with a combination of data tiering and load balancing capabilities plus write once read many (WORM) features.


3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage integration with HP Storage Management Services, StoreAll Storage integration with HP Archive and Compliance Services and StoreOnce 6200 Backup system integration with HP Backup and Restore Services are now available worldwide.

HP Storage Management Services

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